About Us

Filtration and Grease are the two most important factors to ensure a smooth and damage free operation of your machines. For this reason, we are offering high quality and reasonable priced solutions for you.

The selection of our partners and their products is based on 20 years’ of experience in diesel and gas engines, filtration and lubrication.

Our Partners have long time experience in their respective fields and are committed to the continuous improvement of their products.

We believe in customized solutions and therefore, we are glad to work with our customer to find the best matching product.

Filtration and Grease believes in PRO-ACTIVE MAINTENANCE but not in the supply of overpriced OEM Products. We know that it is not easy to find high quality products within the overwhelming portfolio of products from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

It has taken us a long time to source the products that can be found on our webpage and we stand 100% behind them and our partners who manufacture them.

"To establish a Name in the Thai Market for excellent products and services as well as to build up long time business relationships with our customers."


"To provide products and services, which will help our customers to improve the performance of their machines and also help to protect the environment by reducing consumables and avoiding damages and repairs."

Sales Manager,

"To make pro-active maintenance and its huge advantages more known to the Thai Market."


"To continuously source the market for new ideas or products which will help to improve the performance and productivity of our customer’s machines without paying a fortune. There are many great ideas out there, we just have to find them!"

Sales Manager,

Our Partner