CW Lithium Complex Grease

SG Calcium Sulfonate Overbase Grease

AP Aluminum complex open gear grease

Nator offers high performance heavy duty greases. E.G. a Lithium complex grease for slow and middle speed application with very good high pressure attributes and even some water resistance and corrosion protection. Nator CW2 Lithium complex grease can be used for wheel bearing and low-speed bearings, gears and electric motors.

Another grease is a calcium sulfonate overbase grease with very good water resistant attributes as well as dust protection and high pressure durability. Nator SG2 Calcium Sulfonate overbase grease is perfect for low speed bearings, gears and rolling systems in high temperature and high humidity areas like, steel mills, textile- and paper productions, Glass manufacturing and Sugar plants as well as chassis- connection in Automotive, Agricultural and Construction.

Using a complex or overbase grease is highly advisable as the attributes like mechanical stability, dropping point and operation temperature are much better. Therefore, complex or overbase grease can be used much longer (up to 4 times compared with conventional grease) in wheel hubs or the re-greasing intervals at a total loss greasing point are longer and the grease used is less (nearly doubling the time for re-greasing and using only half of the grease. If you compare the conventional grease and the complex / overbase grease after the use, you see that the consistency of the complex / overbase grease is still very good and it also still stick to the surface in a good way.

Conventional grease is often consumed already and overheating can occur.